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This is why we never recommend the leukemia shot for any of our kittens. Maine Coons are large inquisitive cats who love to be with their human family. We have decided to keep Ivys girl, Holly, as a potential breeding cat in the future. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten. Our Maine Coons come. In 2019 I came across the Maine Coon kitten and fell in love. Her progesterone level was over 21, so all is well so far. Providing all is well, we will be checking her progesterone levels constantly throughout her pregnancy till we have either a live birth or a miscarriage. We are waiting on Calypso, Misty, Jenny and Violet to be bred in the next month or so. It appears as though Poppy and Marshall will have kittens near the end of March. We got a new 3 year old white Maine Coon girl with heterochromia. He seemed to be feeling tired and lethargic in the evening of Monday, May 16th. She had been fine the night before and dead by morning. We cant wait to see her babies. I just wanted to let everyone know that I put about 30 photos of all the kittens on Facebook and Instagram. John and Patty Cruikshank brought little Juniper down from Oregon. So, no whites this time, but hopefully she will bless us with some white kittens next time. Maine Coon kittens raised by this particular California breeder usually take part in many CFA and TICA shows. Find Out More. Willow is due today. Legacy Maine Coons in Riverside, California is a small family-owned and operated group of experienced Maine Coon breeders. Everyone is eating well and growing beautifully! Just kidding! We are located in California, near San Diego, and always happy to assist you, help you with any questions regards to Maine Coon Cats. We courier all through out the United States as well! Juniper x Remington, Gypsy x Ridgely and Ivy x Boaz are all confirmed pregnancies. Weve been doing round the clock supplementing, God has blessed, and they have all been thriving! Donate Adopt Maine Coon Cats in California Filter 1 2 3 4 Stella Maine Coon mix My name is Stella. We are a Maine Coons Cattery. EnchantaCats sells purebred Maine Coons, and their primary goal is to keep them healthy, beautiful, and well taken care of. We are looking forward to their kittens and hope to get a black smoke poly. It could be anywhere from hours away to a week away, or even longer. I have thoroughly researched each and every one of them and, based on this, I can provide you with brief details on all of them, along with their contact info. We are going to be placing Lucy and Chamomile as spayed adults into new homes. Gracie had her 4 kittens by C-section on the 22nd. Poppy is nursing her 4 kittens plus one of Cappuccinos. We have 3 kittens with Faith and Remington: 2 boys and 1 girl. EnchantaCats is a pretty big cattery, they have a large property but tend to keep their Maine Coons in low numbers since they want to provide every one of them with sufficient attention and care. List Of TOP 9 Maine Coon Breeders In California: 1. Set alert. They have been doing amazing jobs and those babies are about a pound and a half! Please call only. We wanted to give you an idea about the availability of our spots on the waiting lists. Prestigious Purr is best known for their doglike Maine Coons. We might keep her as a future breeder. Our cats are tested for HCM, FeLV, and FIV. Our cats are tested for HCM, FeLV, and FIV. ***For those already on Gracies and Calypsos list, they are both pregnant. She had reds, browns and a tortie. 530 391-. They are very friendly and love people and neck scratches! Thank you! In the meantime, we are actively seeking other silver girls to add to our cattery. wyattharper31. Then, later in the month, we hope to have kittens with Misty and Marshall, Violet and Marshall, & Faith and Ridgely. Its been a year since she gave us her singleton, sweet Clarice! Both girls are polydactyl and have white feet. Our waiting lists are all updated now and we want to welcome the new members to our Gold Rush Maine Coon family. Our Story Born in Southern California I have been a breeder since 1981. near Sacramento, California. We will be updating the waiting lists tomorrow and will keep the list open for a short while before closing it again. I hope to get photos of Shadow and Auroras kittens up in the next couple of days. We expect a lot of interest in these cats and would like to be able to keep all inquiries together and in order on one site. They are both black smokes and one is a polydactyl. If you are interested, email us only. Parlier, CA,93648 . Cherokee West Maine Coons Northern California At Cherokee West Maines they care for each and every one of their Maine Coons and they will only sell to people who will do the same, and who will keep them as loving pets. Aurora had a smaller litter of 3, but one of them, a little boy is really struggling. We are also getting a little silver polydactyl male from Switzerland in October. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin. I have a spot available for a female from Jennys upcoming litter. Your kitten will fly in-cabin with a flight nanny until they meet you in person with your kitten. Good in Home With. He is very playful and not afraid of anything. Belle is having her kittens right now. Thank you for all your inquiries and help in finding her a home. We are waiting till Mango goes into heat to breed her, but she is taking her sweet time! The good news is that both Clementine and Poppy are confirmed pregnant and are both due by the middle of February. Update*** both girls have gone to wonderful homes. 1 Top 10+ Best Maine Coon Breeders With Kittens for Sale In Arizona. All but one are polydactyl and many have white feet. Faith is ready to deliver any day now. She was pretty tired after delivering her babies. We have 2 kittens with Periwinkle and Ridgely. Cappuccino and Gypsy should give birth by the end of this week. We are looking forward to many more kittens in 2022 and happy, healthy mothers and fathers. Perhaps you live in Cali or nearby, or you simply heard about all these great Maine Coon breeders in California and you wish to buy your new pet from them. You can get on a list whenever youd like. Itll be about a month before we know if the two red girls are pregnant, but I know many people are anxiously waiting. Anastasia had 5 kittens on Valentines Day! In March, we will be updating our website with photos of several of our breeding cats as well as our up and coming ladies. We dont know if Gypsy or Misty are pregnant or not yet, but time will tell! using our website, Facebook and Instagram to sell kittens that do not belong to them. Dont forget, if you already own a Gold Rush kitten, you dont have to wait till our waiting lists open up. How much does it cost to adopt a Maine Coon? We have updated the waiting list. There are also a couple of polydactyls. Then, in the beginning of May, we have Clementine and Marshall. Shadow and Aurora have also been bred and if they are pregnant, will be due near the end of August. All of our current kittens have been placed except for our 2 high smoke girls, Leilani and Nadia. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year right around the corner. There are some great and Top Maine Coon Breeders In San Diego, California that might be able to help. There are still some openings for reservations for the following queens: Anastasia, Belle, Jenny and Zephyr. Geneva, a black smoke girl with white feet, is available to anyone on our waiting list already. She is in Anastasias litter. CFA registered under the name, Muffhymscattery. Mystique apparently did not get pregnant, so we will try again on her next heat cycle. Well probably get 4 white kittens a year! Willow had an ultrasound on Monday and she is pregnant. Contact US. Maine Coon Cat Breeders in California With Kittens and Cats for Sale. Cherokee West Maine Coons. Neither Gypsy nor Misty are currently pregnant. We are also getting 2 new girls from Russia today who will be a year old in February and March and bring us kittens this spring as well. we chose to breed Maine Coons because we love their size and style, we are very fond of large . Sophya has been bred, so we are eagerly watching her to see if she is pregnant. We are going to give Misty one last chance before spaying and rehoming her. It was the first litter for both of them, so we will try again in 6 months and hope for larger litters. Jenny and Junipers kittens will stay in Toms office and Calypso will move into the bathroom in anticipation of her kittens in the middle of May. We went up to Oregon last week to pick up a new little girl from some friends and fellow breeders, John and Patty Cruikshank. Still not sure about Mystique. We are hoping Sofya is pregnant, but she is still not showing a lot. Gracies male has been spoken for, but we still have room for either Calypso or Jennys upcoming litter. He is housed at Match Made In Heaven Animal Rescue. Experienced Maine Coon Breeder We are a small cattery and have Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in California. We have an urgent need for a home for Jenny, our retired brown classic. Fiesta moved into her new home yesterday and has a new big brother to play with and a household to rule and love. Needless to say, we are very busy and things are really starting to move along, which happens every spring! Poppy and Cappuccino each had 4 kittens apiece on the 26th. We can say for certain that Calypso and Sofya are definitely pregnant and Gypsy has been bred with our big, new black smoke boy, Remington. Marshall never showed any signs of being sick till the last few days. USA SoCal Maine Coon NewLogica Cattery | Temecula CA I will be getting new photos of Jennys 4, Zephyrs 2 and Mangos 10 and will. Maybe? Jenny and Juniper are both very large and we are expecting big litters from each of them, barring any catastrophes. We are watching Belle for signs of pregnancy. Faith should be delivering her kittens in the next week. Here you can find high quality Maine Coons that are raised to be loyal, friendly, sociable, well-adjusted, and prepared for their new home. We hope to have kittens from her in less than 6 months. Everyone is growing well and gorgeous! Maybe thats why she has kept them so long! At any rate, both mothers are taking great care of their babies. Maine Coons are worth every cent, their majestic looks, long lifespan and, most special of all, their personality sweeps everyone off their feet. Others Dogs Cats Children. We are going to wait for another litter from the same breeder in Switzerland and she has agreed not to give the leukemia shot. Jenny turned out not to be pregnant. Edit this comment Reply. Mango, our 4 x 4 polydactyl, is starting to show a pregnant tummy. It is taking us a little longer than usual because our daughter is getting married this coming Saturday and we are very busy. They are fat and happy! For all new, prospective kitten owners, our waiting list does open up on November 14 at 10:00 a.m. *****Waitlist update****** For our waitlists, we are taking about 15 names for the regular list, 10 names for black smokes, 8 names for shaded kittens and 2 new female polydactyl names. Maine coon cats are one of the most seasoned regular varieties in North America, explicitly local to the US province of Maine, where it is the authority state feline. Thank you to all who called yesterday to get on the wait list. We are committed to having healthy, friendly, beautiful Maine Coon cats that make wonderful companions. They are Large, Intelligent, Affectionate Cats who give a lot of Love to their parents and adapt to any environment. We are registered with CFA and actively show in CFA. Happy Whisker is an online service for cat owners and cats, helping them find the best nutrition and care for their pets. Large. We had such high hopes that she would give us white kittens, but that is not going to be the case. Pictures are on Facebook and will be on our website soon.

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